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knowroaming 手机卡购买及激活说明

knowroaming 手机卡购买及激活说明 1. 有效期:官方邮件咨询答复是“每9个月有过登录官方 APP (knowroaming)记录,号码就不会注销”。 2. 收发短信免费,别的资费比较贵 3. 真实手机发出的短信验证码能收到,但不能接收SMS发出的验证码(如银行,网站,APP).所以要配合 Google Voice .不过想想可以注册 Google Voice , 再通过GV接收验证码也行,跟 Google Voice 配合. Short code SMS is not supported. Short code SMS such as verfication codes from banks or websites/apps you register to will not be delievered as this is not being sent from real mobile numbers. […]