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NCE2083 After the elections 大选之后

NCE2083-01 After the elections 大选之后 former adj. 从前的 Prime adj.主要的; 首要的 Minister n. 部长,大臣 The former Prime Minister 前首相 Mr. Wentworth Lane 温特沃兹.莱恩先生 defeat v. 打败 election n. 选举 was defeated in the recent elections 在最近的大选中被击败 retire v.(令)退职; (使)退休 retire from …. 从…工作中退休 gladys retired at the age of sixty-eight gladys 68岁退休 they had decided […]

NCE2082 Monster or fish? 是妖还是鱼?

NCE2082-01 monster n. 怪物 Monster or fish? 是妖还是鱼? sailor n. 海员 Fishermen and sailors 渔夫和水手们 claim v. 声称 he claimed that he found the money in the forest 他声称自已是在森林里发现这笔钱的 scot 苏格兰人; liverpool 利物浦; accent n.口音 a powerful liverpool accent 浓重的利物普口音 he claimed to be a scot but had a powerful liverpool accent 他说自己是苏格兰人,却有着浓重的利物普口音。 sometimes claim […]

NCE2081 Escape 脱逃

NCE2081-01 Escape 脱逃 When he had killed the guard 当他杀死卫兵以后 prisoner n. 囚犯 the prisoner of war 那个战俘 bush n. 灌木丛 drag v. 拖,拉 drag …. into…. 把….拖进…. quickly dragged him into the bushes 迅速地把尸体拖进了灌木丛 rapidly adv. 迅速地 Working rapidly in the darkness 他在黑暗中忙活了一阵儿 change into 换上衣服; (使)变为; the dead man’s clothes 死者的衣服 he soon […]

NCE2080-01 The Crystal Palace 水晶宫

NCE2080-01 palace n. 宫殿 The Crystal Palace 水晶宫 extraordinary adj. 不平常的,非凡的 Perhaps the most extraordinary building 最不寻常的建筑 of the nineteenth century 19世纪 was the Crystal Palace 也许要数水晶宫了 Hyde Park 伦敦非常出名的海德公园 which was built in Hyde Park 而建在海德公园的 exhibition n. 展览 for the Great Exhibition of 1851 这是为1851年的“世界博览会” be different from …. 与…..不同 had gone before […]

NCE2079 By air 乘飞机

NCE2079-01 By air 乘飞机 used to do something 过去常常做某事[过去常常怎么样,但现在已经不再这样了] be used to do something 被用来做某事 use to 用..来做 use as…. 当作 use for… 过去常常做某事 i used to live in the street 我过去住在这条街道上 the two children used to send me a card at christmas time. 圣诞节的时候这两个孩子曾经常常给我寄卡 it is not true so much these days, 现在不常出现了, but […]

NCE02078 The last one? 最后一枝吗?

NCE02078 The last one? 最后一枝吗? entitle v. 以……为名 after reading an article …. 读完一篇…..文章后 entitled ‘Cigarette Smoking and Your Health’ 以”吸烟与健康”为标题的文章 after reading an article entitled ‘Cigarette Smoking and Your Health’ 过去分词短语修饰article after reading an article that was entitled ‘Cigarette Smoking and Your Health’ 改成定语从句后 calm v. 使镇定 nerves n. 神经 I lit a cigarette […]

NCE02077 A successful operation 一例成功的手术

NCE02077 A successful operation 一例成功的手术 mummy n. 木乃伊 Egyptian adj. 埃及的 temple n. 庙 B.C 公元前(简称) before Christ 公元前(全称) chariot 战车 invent v. 发明 invent invented invented v. 发明 It was not until about 1600B.C. that the chariot was invented 直到公元前1600年才发明了战车 The mummy of an Egyptian woman 埃及的一具木乃伊 who died in 800 B.C. 死者是死于公元前800年 has […]

NCE02076 April Fools’ Day 愚人节

fool n. 傻瓜 April Fools’ Day 愚人节 bulletin n. 新闻简报 To end our special news bulletin 结束我们的特别新闻节目 announcer n. (电视、电台)播音员 television announcer 电视播音员 said the voice of the television announcer 电视广播员说 macaroni n. 通心面,空心面条 Calabria n. 卡拉布利亚 we are going over to the macaroni fields of Calabria 我们要去卡拉布里亚的通心粉田里 Macaroni has been grown in this area […]

NCE02075 SOS 呼救信号

SOS 呼救信号 save our souls 国际通用的呼救信号 passenger n. 旅客;乘客 When a light passenger plane 当一架轻型客机 fly off 偏离 flew off course 偏离了航线 some time ago 不久前 it crashed in the mountains 在山区坠毁 pilot n. 飞行员;领航员 and its pilot was killed 飞行员死了 The only passengers 机上仅有的乘客 a young woman 一位年轻的妇女 and her two baby daughters 她的两个女婴 […]

NCE02074 Out of the limelight 舞台之外

limelight n. 舞台灯光 Out of the limelight 舞台之外 An ancient bus stopped by 一辆很旧的大客车停在 a dry river bed 干涸的河床 actor n. 男演员 actress n. 女演员 waiter n. 男服务员 waitress n. 女服务员 host 男主人 hostess 女主人 steward 乘务员 stewardess 女服务员 prince n. 王子 princess n. 公主 and a party of famous actors and actresses 和一群著名的男女演员 got […]